Name of unit AK-20041
Affiliation United States Air Force
Established 2004
District Anchorage School District
Enrollment appox. 100-200
Location 13400 Elmore Road; Anchorage, AK 99516
Country United States
Commands Jeanne M. Holm Center for Officer Accessions and Citizen Development (Holm Center)
Status Active
Homepage ak-20041.com

AK-20041 was created in 2004, is located in Anchorage, Alaska, and at the time was the forth unit in the state.

Distinguished Unit Award[]

AK-20041 has won the distinguished unit award every year of its existence, and in the 07-08 school year, won the Distinguished Unit Award with Merit. The Distinguished Unit Award is awarded to the top 20% of units across the nation.

Major Awards and Recognitions[]

Cadet Name Class of Awards and Recognitions
Andrew Seitz 2006 AFROTC Type 7 Scholarship
David Cuddy Scholarship
Dan Koch 2006 AFROTC Type 7 Scholarship
Hannah Toomey 2007 AFROTC Type 7 Scholarship
Air Force Association Award
Top Performer Award
Stephanie Goens 2007 David Cuddy Scholarship
Kyle Deboord 2008 First Group Commander as AK-20041 restructured into a group
Air Force Association Award
Top Performer Award
Brice Alexander 2008 Eagle Scout
Top Performer Award
Justin Becker 2008 Eagle Scout
Tyler A. Schultz 2008 Appointment- US Air Force Academy
AFROTC Type 1 Scholarship
Distinguished AFJROTC Cadet Badge
Alaska State Outstanding Technology Student for the AFJROTC Unit Site
Megan Webb 2009 Community Service With Excellence
Zach Vanlandingham 2009 Distinguished AFJROTC Cadet Badge
AFROTC Type 1 Scholarship
Bree Beasley 2009 Top Performer Award

Unit Commanders (Corps Commander)[]

Term Commander Rank
Fall 2004 Andrew Seitz C/Major
Spring 2005 Ben Koch C/Major
2005-2006 Dan Koch C/Major
Fall 2006 Hannah Toomey C/Major
Spring 2007 Brice Alexander C/Major
Fall 2007 Tyler A. Schultz C/Lt Col
Spring 2008 Kyle Deboord C/Lt Col (First Group Commander)
Fall 2008 Zach Vanlandingham C/Lt Col
Spring 2009 Megan Webb C/Lt Col
Fall 2009 Tyler Kukowski C/Lt Col
Spring 2010 Natalie Chisum C/Lt Col
Fall 2010 Tara Ingram C/Lt Col
Spring 2011 Geraldine Gardner-Rivera C/Lt Col
Fall 2011 Jesse Aronson C/Lt Col
Spring 2012 Jason Cusack C/Lt Col
Fall 2012/Current Ryan Harvey C/Lt Col

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