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The Corps / Group Commander is the leading cadet, and by default highest ranking cadet of a AFJROTC Corps (Unit / Wing).


JROTC Leadership Position information
Position Wing Commander
Max Rank Cadet lt colonel or colonel
Authorized for Position 1

Note: *All the information about a given position are generalized and very from unit to unit.


  1. To Command and Control the Cadet Corps with staff and subordinates.
  2. Periodically inspect each staff function and scheduled activities and events.
  3. Convene cadet personnel boards, as necessary.
  4. Responsible for wing leadership, management, appearance, discipline, efficiency, training, and conduct of the cadet corps.
  5. Administrates all wing events and activities.
  6. Ensures all members of the Corps an equal opportunity to develop leadership skills commensurate with their abilities.
  7. Updates Instructors on wing plans and internal affairs.
  8. Acts as the PR Department of the Corps, bringing cadet concerns before the Instructors.


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