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In the United States Military a flight is a military unit in an air force, naval air service, or army air corps. It usually comprises three to six aircraft, with their aircrews and ground staff; or, in the case of a non-flying ground flight, no aircraft and a roughly equivalent number of support personnel.

USAF usage[]

The United States Air Force has two types of flights. A numbered flight is a unit with a unique base-, wing- or numbered Air Force-wide mission, such as training or finance, not large enough to warrant designation as a squadron. Numbered flights are quite rare and are usually only found in Basic Training. An alphabetic flight is an operational component of a flying or ground squadron, not a unit; alphabetic flights within a squadron normally have identical or similar functions and are normally designated A, B, C, D and so on within the squadron. Flights in the USAF are generally authorized between 20 and 100 members, are normally led by a company-grade officer (Lieutenant or Captain) and/or a Flight Chief, usually a senior noncommissioned officer in the rank of Master Sergeant.

JROTC usage[]

In AFJROTC a flight is designated as a military formation contesting of least 2 to 4 elements. In JROTC the class period you have JROTC is your flight.
Example: if you have AFJROTC for second period, you are in B Flight.

The setup of a typical AFJROTC flight in marching formation