Name of unit LA-944
Affiliation Air Force
Established 1994
District St. Tammany Parish School Board
Location Mandeville, LA
Country United States
Commands AFOATS
Status Active
Homepage Here


LA-944 is an Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps located at Fontainebleau High School, Mandeville, LA. It was created in July of 1994 with an agreement between Fontainebleau High School, the St. Tammany Parish School Board, and the United States Air Force. LA-944 is a cadet run corps where the members of the Senior Staff make all of the major decisions with little help from the Instructors: Lt. Col. Michael Browne and Sgt. Randy Fredrick, all retired Air Force Personnel.

The Corps Website is: www.la-944.wetpaint.com[1]


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