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Name of unit TX-20055
Affiliation Air Force
District Keller ISD school district
Enrollment Apx. 250
Location Fort Worth, Texas
Country United States
Commands AFOATS
Status Active

Central is also the home of the first JROTC unit for the Keller ISD school district, AFJROTC TX-20055 Thunderbolts, in honor of the A-10 Thunderbolt II, and in keeping with the lightning bolt theme of the school. Central High School currently has an AFJROTC program. However, the program has students from all Keller ISD high schools with the program housed at Central High School. The program has won numerous awards and recognition. The current cadet body is made up of close to 180 active cadets, The unit received the distinguished unit with merit in 2011.

Cadet Guide[]

All cadets are given a personal AFJROTC Cadet Guide to keep, to follow and review. It's their responsibility to know the information contained in it. The Cadet Guide outlines AFJROTC participation, Standards of Behavior and Dress Code. These standards are derived from Keller ISD code of conduct, as well as AFJROTC Regulations.

Prestigious Cadets[]

the unit is home to some prestigious cadets from all 4 schools, such as Nelson, Peterson and  Piehler, these cadets are renowmed for distinguishing themselves in and outside the unit

  • Cadet Scott Peterson: He has remained in the top 5/key staff for 3 years, earned 2nd place for gov competition, received a full ride to Hofstra University
  • Cadet Reid Piehler: greatly improve the color guard teams receive a full ride to TCU for his contribution to the corps
  • Cadet Thuc Nguyen: step in the take care of Grady's job as corps commander Best cadet of the District
  • Cadet Vivian Hedburg: receive AFJROTC scholarship, competeed in female HG and placed 1st 
  • Cadet Anthony Vongsavath: Chairmen of FRHS Stuco P&P, one of the top 6 leaders of Southwest Leadership, received outstanding cadet of the sophmore class
  • Cadet James McKnight: occupied literally half the corps jobs, he has mentor some of the best cadets of TX-20055
  • Cadet Tristan Grady: competed in ALL teams 
  • Victor Morales: The first Ace of Aces of the 2014 class, he has contribute to the unit, advncing it communication technology and creating an airsoft team, however he quit his 2nd year after deciding to switch careers, he is currently part of the NAHS(the game)
  • Cadet Ross Nelson:  Shown great improvments within himself and became the last corps commander of the class of 2014
  • Cadet Ty Goolsby: place 2nd for science in Academic Decathlon Regionals


the unit's teams have been know to place freaquently with the unarmed team almost always placing in the top 3 teams.


the unit's teams have been know to place freaquently with the unarmed team almost always placing in the top 3 teams

Corps Commanders[]

The Corps Commanders are picked within the 4 school by the 2 AFI and the final decison is made by the SASI,,the Corps Commander usually come from Fossil Ridge High School, however this year currently Central High School holds the seat.

These are the known corps commanders

Name School Date of service
Brandon Leslie Fossil Ridge High School 2009-2010
??? Fossil Ridge High School 2010-2011
James Liggit Keller High School 2011
James Porter Central High School 2011-2012
Lindsney Vinning Central High School 2012
Malachi Rodriguz Fossil Ridge High School 2012-2013
Tristan Grady Fossil Ridge 2013
Ross Nelson Central High School 2013-2014
Emily Hobart   Keller High School 2014

these cadets are consider Corps Commanders  because of theirdedication to thier unit

  • Thuc Nguyen
  • Scott Peterson
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