Technical Sergeant, or Tech Sergeant, is the sixth enlisted rank (E-6) in the United States Air Force, just above Staff Sergeant and below Master Sergeant. A technical sergeant is a non-commissioned officer and abbreviated as TSgt. Official terms of address are "Technical Sergeant" or "Sergeant", although many use "Tech Sergeant".

Within the enlisted Air Force, promotion to TSgt has historically been the second most difficult rank to achieve (only the rank of Senior Master Sergeant, capped by Federal law, has lower promotion rates) and is the most difficult promotion most career Air Force members achieve. A Staff Sergeant must have served at least 23 months in grade to be considered for promotion to Technical Sergeant. It takes 10–12 years to normally reach this grade. Technical Sergeants mentor junior enlisted personnel while preparing themselves for promotion to Master Sergeant, the entrance rank of the senior non-commissioned grades.

Air Force Junior ROTC[]


The grade of Cadet Technical Sergeant (C/TSgt) is the sixth enlisted grade in the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. It is most often known as "Cadet Tech. Sergeant". At this rank Cadets are usually Flight Sergeants, but may also serve as element leaders instead.

Cadet Technical Sergeants are to be referred to as "Technical Sergeant" or "Sergeant" by other cadets.